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Fuel and Energy Complex
#PhotoEquipment specificationPrice for 01.01.2001 in roubles
2.1Mine interferometer SHI-1142 USD
2.2Mine interferometer SHI-12105 USD
2.3Mine helmet-mounted light SGD5-1negotiable
2.4Mine helmet-mounted light SGD5-1, battery not incl.negotiable
2.4Mine helmet-mounted light SGD5-1, battery not incl.negotiable

Industrial diesels

2.5Diesel 1D6N-250S2 boost-pressure charged (250 hp) 251800
2.6Diesel 2D6S2 with hydraulic steered clutch (150 hp) negotiable
2.7Diesel 2D6N-250S2 boost-pressure charged (250 hp) 269600
2.8Diesel 1D12BS2 (420 hp) 288100
2.9Diesel 2D12BS2 (300 hp) 312200
2.10Diesel 2D12BS2-01 (300 hp) 312200
2.11Diesel 1D12N-500S2 (500 hp) 373700
2.12Diesel 2D12N-500S2 (500 hp) 445300
2.12Diesel 2D12N-500S2 (500 hp) 445300
2.13Motor gas filling compressor station of modular configuration AGNKS MBKI-152/250up USD 200 000,00
2.14Autohoist KM-1214 "Liniya-NN"650000
2.15Lifting unit for oil well rehabilitation APRS-4╠3 250 00,00
2.16AOGW unit, 11.6 Wt 2700
2.17AOGW unit, 23,2 Wt2950
2.18Shutoff valve (stainless steel.) dia 501430
2.19Shutoff valve (stainless steel.) dia 802420
2.20Axial-piston hydraulic motor VMIZh 063144.0059000
2.21Axial-piston hydraulic motor DEZ 2.957.0013985
2.22Axial-piston hydraulic motor DEZ 2.957.001-013985
2.23Axial-piston hydraulic motor DEZ 2.957.001-023985
2.24Axial-piston hydraulic motor DEZ 2.957.00410250
2.25Axial-piston hydraulic motor DEZ 2.957.00512890
2.26Axial-piston hydraulic motor IMRZ 063144.0079950
2.27Axial-piston hydraulic motor IMRZ 063144.024negotiable
2.28 Hydraulic pump VMIZh 063234.01616150
2.29 Hydraulic pump DEZ 2.962.00114500
2.30 Hydraulic pump DEZ 2.962.00219300
2.31 Hydraulic pump DEZ 5.883.008-016180
2.32 Hydraulic pump DEZ 5.883.008-02,-036180
2.33 Hydraulic pump DEZ 5.883.008-04,-056180
2.34 Hydraulic pump DEZ 5.883.008-06,-076180
2.35 Hydraulic pump IMRZ 063234.00413150
2.36 Hydraulic pump IMRZ 063234.01423180
2.37 Hydraulic pump IMRZ 063234.024negotiable
2.38Hydraulically operated flexible hose pump drive Mă-02 (GPSHGN-8)396000
2.39KTG-89 (hydraulic switch with SPG-80)528000
2.40Pole screwing machine MZS-2195160000
2.41Axial-piston hydraulic motor-pump IMRZ 063144.00947000
2.42Axial-piston hydraulic motor-pump IMRZ 063144.009-0147000
2.43Bottom-hole pump NV1B-32-30-1511466
2.44Bottom-hole pump NV1B-44-30-1513455
2.45Bottom-hole pump NV2B-32-30-1511115
2.46Bottom-hole pump NV2B -44-30-1512519
2.47Bottom-hole pump NV2B -44-30-1513455
2.48Bottom-hole pump NV2B -57-30-1214469
2.49Bottom-hole pump NV2B -70-30-1019344
2.50Solar power system equipment (collector)1400
2.51Tubing oil-well pump for liquid gas mixture flow NDPV-44/32-30-15negotiable
2.52Tubing oil-well pump for consistent oil flow NRP-44-30-15negotiable
2.53Bottom-hole pump (sucker rod, insert) ═┬1┴-32-30-158820
2.54Bottom-hole pump (sucker rod, insert) NV1B -44-30-1510350
2.55Bottom-hole pump (sucker rod, insert) NV2B -44-30-1510350
2.56Bottom-hole pump (sucker rod, tubing) NV2B -32-30-158550
2.57Bottom-hole pump (sucker rod, tubing) NV2B -44-30-159630
2.58Bottom-hole pump (sucker rod, tubing) NV2B -57-30-1511130
2.59Bottom-hole pump (sucker rod, tubing) NV2B -70-30-1514880
2.60Scrapper 5-3/4"53100
2.61Low-level rodless pump negotiable
2.62Miner K-85 (basic assembly)6800000
2.63Pipeline hole machine OP-117195000

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