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Food and medicine equipment
#PhotoEquipment specificationPrice for 01.01.2001 (USD)

Therapeutic instruments

3.1Apparatus for spectral quantum therapy "Amulet-101"28
3.2Apparatus for spectral quantum therapy "Amulet-201"40
3.3Apparatus for diadynamic therapy, galvanization and electrophoresis6620
3.4Pneumomassage device with adjustable magnitude and pulse width24610
3.5Medical laser system for endoscopic oncological surgery based on Nd:YAG laser MLT-50 (basic cjnfiguration)20000
3.6Photodynamic therapy room (depends on laser type)116 920,00 -146 031,00
3.7Laser system (equipped) MLT-500120000
3.8Laser system (equipped) MLTI-1200150000
3.9Gastroduodenoscope hermetic GDB-VO-G-10 (11,7) business end dia 11,7 mm2600
3.10Childrens gastroduodenoscope GDB-VO-G-12 (8,9) business end dia 8,9 mm2650
3.11Multipurpose colonoscope KB-VO-G-10 (1450) hermetic, business end length 1450 mm2700
3.12Surgical gastroduodenoscope GDO-VO-23072
3.13Hermetic bronchoscope B-VO-32400
3.14Illuminator OGVO-150-2 for all endoscopes380
3.15Goryaevs chamber26
3.16Binocular photo-microscope "Biolam I"1950
3.17Binocular inverted microscope "Biolam P2-1"1800
3.18Monocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var.1135
3.19Monocular microscope "Mikmed-1"var.1-20200
3.20Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. 2220
3.21Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. 2-6268
3.22Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1"var. 2-20310
3.23Monocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var.3115
3.24Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. 6320
3.25Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. 6-20420
3.26Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. -20336
3.27Binocular microscope "Mikmed-2" var. 2900
3.28Apparatus for IR-therapy (urogenital system) "URO-Biofon"11500
3.28Apparatus for IR-therapy (urogenital system) "URO-Biofon"11500

Equipment for surgery, intensive therapy and resuscitation

3.29Dilators (thoracic, cavity)negotiable
3.30Pneumothermocoagulator "PTK-1" (for control of bleeding by hot air jet)negotiable
3.31Intracavity electric heater, rectal, vaginal and urethral "TERM-1"negotiable
3.32Laser system for endoscopic surgery based on Nd:YAG laser MLT-50 (basic configuration)20000
3.33Multipurpose surgeons saw ( electric powered)350000
3.34Cryosurgical system SKV (oncology, cosmetology, gynecology etc)137500
3.35Disposable interchangeable pump for perfusion for cardiological surgery and organ transplantation) SK 1/01 negotiable
3.36Surgeons stationary microscope MIKO-OF5650
3.37Neurosurgical microscope MX-Neuro4644
3.38Neurosurgical microscope MX-Neuro-16126
3.39Binocular magnifiers LB-1M 30
3.40Binocular magnifiers LB-2M26
3.41Binocular prismatic magnifiers LB-M235
3.42Binocular prismatic magnifiers LBO-M500
3.43Binocular prismatic magnifiers LB-4275
3.44Binocular prismatic magnifiers LBO-4540
3.45Sunchronized defibrillator DFR-125000
3.46Diagnostic laparoscope LAVS-14920
3.47Portable single channel electrocardiograph EK1T-04 "Axion" with 50-mm thermal paper recording 10970
3.48Portable single channel electrocardiograph EK1T-04 "Axion" (with additional childrens electrode kit)12400
3.49Portable single channel digital electrocardiograph with synchronous recording on 50-mm thermal paper through "EK1T-07" thermo-printer15600
3.50Portable defibrillator "DKI-N-04"- with asymmetrical bipolar pulse and exposure energy from 5 to 360 J. ECG indication with frame freeze.1950
3.51"DKI-H-04M" with recorder. Additionally equipped with a built-in printer for recording on thermo-paper. 2150
3.523/6- channel electrocardiograph powered from mains 220V 50 Hz. Thermopaper - 110-112 mm, built-in ECG- interpreting (108 amplitude and 15 time parameters."EKST-01"BIOS"2180
3.53Portable electrocardioscope for urgent use with built-in electrodes, finger sensor for pulseximetry, built-in RS-232 interface, PC connection. "OxyCard"1100
3.54ECG cable. 90
3.55Portable 1/3- channel electrocardiograph, powered from a built-in battery and mains 220V through a charger, recording on thermo-paper (58mm)."HeartMirror/3"1300
3.56Similar device with additional LCD 5834 mm "HeartMirror/3D"1400
3.57Portable 1- channel electrocardiograph, 12 standard leads, manual mode, powered from a built-in battery and mains 220V through a charger, recording on thermo-paper (58mm), built-in RS-232 interface, PC connection "HeartMirror/1 IKO"650
3.583- channel electrocardiograph with ECG-analysis, a built-in 112-mm thermoprinter, LCD 5834 mm (1 channel), battery and mains powered, built-in RS-232 interface "HeartScreen 112B"1700
3.593/6- channel electrocardiograph powered from mains 220V 50 Hz and batttery powered., built-in ECG- interpreting, 112, LCD 9672 mm (3 channels), built-in RS-232 intreface, PC "HeartScreen 112D" connection2300
3.60Program and cable for monitoring, archiving and viewing system with IBM-compatible PC "INNOBASE"60
3.61Program and cable for connection of OxyCard, HeartMirror,HeartScreen devices for monitoring, archiving and viewing system with IBM-compatible PC "INNOBASE" for Windows220


3.62Glasses lens test set NP-254 (large)723
3.63Glasses lens test set NS-124-01 (middle)349
3.64Glasses lens test set NM-81-01 (small)311
3.65Portable hand camera for photographing of fundus of the eye "KFG-Ofort-2"2300
3.66Automatic iridodiagnostic system " Ofort -ID"10000
3.67Stereoscopic microscope for ophthalmology MX-OF-6-EM1050
3.68Surgical microscope for ophthalmology MX-OF -16765
3.69Surgical microscope for ophthalmology MX-OF -26387
3.70Surgical microscope for ophthalmology --35048
3.71Manual ophthalmoscope OFS215000
3.72Device for contact lens control21160
3.73Stereoscopic microscope for ophthalmology MX-OF-6-EM1050
3.74Surgical microscope for ophthalmology MX-OF -16765
3.75Surgical microscope for ophthalmology MX-OF -26387
3.76Surgical microscope for ophthalmology MX-OF -35048
3.77Stationary surgical microscope MX-OF MIKO-OF5650
3.78Manual ophthalmoscope OFS215000
3.79Combined laser system for ophtalmic operation KLU-10-163000

Laboratory equipment

3.80Monocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var.1135
3.81Monocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var.1-20200
3.82Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. 2220
3.83Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. 2-6268
3.84Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. 2-20310
3.85Monocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var.3115
3.86Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1"var. 6320
3.87Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1"var. 6-20420
3.88Binocular microscope "Mikmed-1" var. -20336
3.89Binocular microscope "Mikmed-2" var. 2900
3.90Luminescent microscope "Mikmed-2" var.11 (LUMAM RPO-11)3600
3.91Luminescent microscope "Mikmed-2" var.12 (LUMAM RPO -12)3800
3.92Binocular stereoscopic microscope MBS-105643
3.93Laser perforator "Quasar"11 00,00
3.94Laser perforator "Sigma" (self-contained)29066
3.95Laser flow meter "Ladin"39600
3.96Laser symbol (equipped) MLT-500120000
3.97Laser symbol (equipped) MLTI-1200150000
3.97Laser symbol (equipped) MLTI-1200150000

Obstetrics and gynecology

3.98Automatic system for diagnostics and treatment of tubal sterility in women DLTB -0157400
3.99System for intensive therary of new-borns KRM -0142150
3.100"Infrared vision system ""Raduga-TVC"" (obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, diabetes mellitus ) ""Raduga -5"""42230
3.101Irradiator for phototherapy for treatment of jaundice of new-born children OFN-400/500-0119950
3.102Intensive therapy nursery for new-borns IDN-0385350
3.103Intensive therapy nursery for new-borns IDN -04 (double-glassed)86700
3.104Warming unit UON-01M17850
3.105Unit for phototherapy and warming of new-born children, equipped with attacheable table. Designed for treatment of jaundice of new-born children with automatic temperature control. OFTN-420/470-0125160
3.105Unit for phototherapy and warming of new-born children, equipped with attacheable table. Designed for treatment of jaundice of new-born children with automatic temperature control. OFTN-420/470-0125160

Diagnostic equipment

3.106Automatic system for microbiological diagnostics ASBSD"Vaccina"150000
3.107Automatic biochemical analysis device LB-01326700
3.108Binocular magnifier LBVO without OVS2253
3.109Binocular inverted microscope "Biolam P2-1"1800
3.110Binocular photo-microscope "Biolam I"1950
3.111Binocular stereoscopic microscope MBS-105643
3.112Toolmaker's microscope NMCL 1005084375
3.113Toolmaker's microscope NMCL 1505091125
3.114Microscope M-122016
3.115Photoelectric microscope56700
3.116Bedside monitor (for continuos monitoring and recording of ECG (2 channels) and other parameters45000
3.117Mini microscope "Cycle"6,9
3.118Laser perforator PLT-01 (for clinical blood analysis)910
3.119Pulse oximeter powered from mains (220 V 50 Hz) for non-invasive oxigen blood saturation measurements and pulse rate with alarm signals13500
3.120Trichinelloscope "Bekon"12400
3.121Portable Trichinelloscope 11250
3.122Trichinelloscope TMP16200
3.122Trichinelloscope TMP16200


3.123Multiple fiber light VO1430
3.124Insulin needle destructor NDU-70315
3.125Criminalistic decoder PK-24725
3.126Diopter-meter DO-316500
3.127Insulin injector "INSULPEN" III-2-1240
3.128Oxygen tent PK11500
3.129Oxygen tent PK2525
3.130Oxygen tent PK32000
3.131Oxygen tent PK42500
3.132Circular fiber light1827
3.133Metal bed2340
3.134Transformed bed 3315
3.135Medical couch1435,2
3.137Magnifier with holder and circular lighting LPKCBP-1-2 (2, 4,6)8726,05
3.138Compact magneto-laser apparatus "Isel"950
3.139Medical bottle 250 cm32,22
3.140Medical bottle 450 cm32,52
3.141Medical device "Pchelka-1"720
3.142Medical device "Pchelka -2"680
3.143Micro-photo device without camera1443
3.144Micro-photo device with camera2820
3.145Nephelometer PM-1240000
3.146Optical head OGME-PZ f1903294
3.147Optical head OGME-PZ f 903514
3.148Light with guiding fiber OVS-1M5875
3.149Lighting unit OB1573
3.150Ward room22 620.00
3.151Nurse seat-211 052.60
3.152Room for medical procedures15 732.60
3.153Solar power system SEU 500448000
3.154instrument tablenegotiable
3.155Neonetal table (open, for intesive therapy) SNO74100
3.156"-1"- device3100
3.157Electrostimulator for bladder sphincter ESMP-15-170

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